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Waco Pantry Tips

Our real estate agents know that a pantry is an excellent amenity to have in a home, giving you a dedicated space to store non-perishable items, small kitchen appliances, and other kitchen necessities. To ensure you can always quickly find what you're looking for, follow these tips to organize your pantry (and keep it that way). 

  • Stick with Clear Storage Bins
    Many people utilize storage bins for keeping their pantries organized. When possible, opt for clear storage bins. Not only are clear storage bins easy to mix and match, but they allow you to see the bin's contents with a quick glance (making it easier for you to know when you're about to run out of something). 
  • Use a Variety of Storage Containers
    When choosing storage containers, select items that fit your family's needs. For example, if you want to store your cereal in a container and there are kids in your household, you'll want a container with a lid that's easy for small hands to open and close. Make sure your items are functional as well as visually appealing. To maximize your pantry's storage, consider investing in stackable bins that allow you to use all your shelf space.
  • Remove Everything from Your Pantry
    On pantry organizing day, begin your project by removing every single item from your pantry. This makes it easier for you to dust or wipe down the shelves and sweep the floors, and you'll have a better idea of what pantry staples you have. When preparing your home to add to the list of Waco homes for sale, this is an essential step for ensuring your pantry looks clean and inviting for potential buyers. Before putting items back in your pantry, decide how you want to organize your food and kitchen essentials. One popular idea is to store like items together. For example, canned goods go together, baking supplies are stored together, small appliances have a dedicated shelf, and snacks are in the same space. You might put the items or foods that you use the most on the most accessible shelves. Regardless of how you decide to categorize your pantry's contents, make sure that you always put the oldest items at the front and the newer items in the back. This will help you minimize food waste and use items before they go bad. 
  • Label Your Containers
    Labels are essential when using storage containers so that you (and your family) know where certain items should go. Reusable labels that you can erase and rewrite are one option, or you may prefer to invest in a label maker. When labeling, make sure to include any necessary expiration dates. 
  • Use Every Inch of Space
    Feel like your pantry doesn't have space for everything you want to store? Make sure that you use the walls and door to expand your amount of usable space. Hang an organizer on the door to store spices, jars, canned items, and bottles. Install hooks on the walls to hold your broom, dustpan, and other cleaning supplies. A wall-mounted bag dispenser is an excellent addition that ensures all your plastic bags are neatly contained in a single location. Once your pantry is organized, spend a few minutes every couple of weeks putting out-of-place items where they belong and getting rid of items that have expired. We also suggest that if you know you won't be using certain items before their expiration date, donate them to local food banks, charities or non-profits that would benefit from receiving them. 

Want a home with more kitchen and pantry space? Contact us today to start your search!

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